Southern Ghost Stories: Franklin, Tennessee Available Now!

On November 30th 1864, Confederate General John Bell Hood鈥檚 mighty Army of Tennessee marched down Winstead Hill to launch a full frontal assault on Federal Forces entrenched at the Carter House, a half mile from the Franklin Square. The subsequent bloody battle overwhelmed the town, leaving thousands of abandoned dead soldiers to bury, and even more broken and tattered men to tend to. In addition to all the death and carnage from the war, Franklin was rocked by a series of fires in the 19th century as well as several gristly murders that jolted the sleepy little Southern town.

From sprawling plantations to a charming town square, tales of ghostly activity are around every corner. Some of the entities in these stories are playful, while others are quite restless and mischievous. With each ghostly tale, Southern Ghost Stories: Franklin, Tennessee dives into the city’s complicated history and invites you to explore the town to see what you might find.

The book is available at Amazon as well as locally at the Lotz House and Landmark Booksellers in Franklin, Tennessee. You can also find it at Pickled Treats and Antiques in Gallatin.

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