From Bourbon Street to Bardstown, Kentucky, the South has a rich history of war, disease, and tragedy. With all this misfortune, it’s no surprise that so many places are considered haunted. But have you ever wondered why certain places are haunted? In Southern Ghost Stores: Historical Hauntings, you’ll find an in-depth background of all the gruesome events that took place along with current paranormal sightings.

Check out a preview of the Kindle version of the book. Note that the paperback is over 120 pages and the Kindle version has been compressed to be read on a handheld device.

Not only does Southern Ghost Stores: Historical Hauntings fill you in on some of the creepiest ghost stories in the southeastern United States, you will also learn the history behind each location. You will learn about the following locations:
The Brown Hotel Louisville, Kentucky
The Jailers Inn Bardstown, Kentucky
Cragfont Castilian Springs, Tennessee
The Ryman Auditorium Nashville, Tennessee
The Lotz House Franklin, Tennessee
The Pirates’ House Savannah, Georgia
The Sorrel-Weed House Savannah, Georgia
Le Pavillon New Orleans, Louisiana

Let Southern Ghost Stores: Historical Hauntings take you back in time and learn the secrets of some of the most haunted places in the United States.

Southern Ghost Stories: Historical Hauntings is available in paperback at for $8.95. The book is also available for Kindle for only $2.99.