Southern Ghost Stories: Opryland Available Now!

Did Middle Tennessee really have a haunted theme park? That’s what Nashville-based author Allen Sircy is trying to find out with his new book Southern Ghost Stories: Opryland. After publishing Southern Ghost Stories: Franklin, Tennessee, Ghosts of Gallatin and Murfreesboro, Spirits of Stones River, the Nashville-based author spent the last two years researching the history and alleged hauntings around the beloved theme park and other nearby tourist attractions.

“After you’ve written a few books about haunted places in middle Tennessee, people like to tell you about experiences that have happened to them,” explained Sircy. “I never dreamed people would tell me Opryland was haunted, let alone the mall or hotel. But there are lots of stories! Growing up in Nashville, I associated Opryland with fun,roller coasters and country music, not ghosts!”

Southern Ghost Stories: Opryland takes readers back in time to explain how a small piece of land on the outskirts of Nashville became not just a haven for country music loving tourists, but quietly one of the most haunted places in the Volunteer State.

“Pennington’s Bend and the entire Opryland campus is very haunted,” claimed Allen Sircy. “When you combine a wealthy widow that was disrespected in death with desecrated Native American graves, plus sprinkle in some untimely deaths, you get a lot of hauntings.”

Southern Ghost Stories: Opryland is available at select retailers in Middle Tennessee. You can also find it online at and

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