Louisiana Ghost Stories: Maison St. Charles

Maison St. Charles is also thought to be one of the most haunted places in New Orleans. Whatever or whoever is at the hotel stays pretty active.

Room 126 is thought to be the most haunted room on the property. According to local lore this old townhouse was the scene of a gristly murder when a young woman was murdered on her wedding day. She was found that afternoon after she never showed up to the church. She was in her wedding dress that had turned red due to all the blood she had lost after being stabbed numerous times.

Sometimes late at night guests and hotel staff see a woman in a white dress or a hazy white figure looking out the window of room 126. But the apparition isn鈥檛 the only strange thing about the room. During the summertime guests tell stories of feeling the entire room going cold in just a matter of seconds while the air conditioning is off.
One of the weirdest things I heard about 126 was about a guest was watching TV in the room and since he was tired and wanted to go to sleep he turned the TV off. Well a few seconds later the TV turned itself back on. Knowing the room was haunted the guest unplugged the TV and put the remote control on his nightstand Well, the ghost of the bride must鈥檝e wanted to watch whatever was on because the TV suddenly turned itself off and the remote control hurled itself violently across the room.

Guests in 126 have also noticed that their socks have disappeared from their rooms during their stay. Staff typically find them lying around the property days later. The spirit seems to be partial to bright colored socks and doesn鈥檛 usually take just plain white or black ones.

I talked to a security guard who works on the property and asked her about 126 during a stay there a few years ago. She told me that she never saw anything, but had heard of others who had. She told me that one night a group of school kids walked up to her and asked if the hotel was really haunted. She explained to them about what had happened to the woman in room 126 and naturally, they all wanted to go over and see the room and get a picture. She showed them where the room was then went back to patrolling the property. A minute or two later she heard some screaming followed by footsteps. The kids told her that when they went up to the window at 126 the lady in the white dress appeared and looked right at them.

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