Lyceum Hall

Originally built on Bridget Bishop’s apple orchard in Salem, Massachusetts, Lyceum Hall was one of the premier venues in New England in 1800s. With lectures and debates from notable authors and dignitaries people flocked to Lyceum Hall in the 19th century. Eventually the historic building was turned into a restaurant that burned to the ground in 1914. The structure was rebuilt and is home to one of the finest seafood restaurants in New England. However, the historic property is said to be extremely haunted.Join us as we take a deep dive into the history and hauntings of the old Lyceum Hall. Also, don’t forget to download the Salem Ghost Map in iTunes and Google Play Take your own ghost tour of Nashville at your own pace. Our new book Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin goes in depth into the history of the town and the square and makes an excellent companion to the podcast.

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