Missouri Ghost Stories: The Headless Cobbler

Tucked away on some farmland in southwest Missouri, you will find the entrance to a cave that where strange things have been happening ever since the Civil War.

According to legend, a cobbler named George Evans had a hard time keeping his allegiances to the Union a secret in the predominantly pro-Confederate “Show Me State.” The proud cobbler was threatened by Rebel forces and actually relocated to a cave in Smallett to avoid being harrassed. Unfortunately George had to go into town from time to time and after one testy exchange he lost his cool and his head at the end of a Confederate saber.

Since the beheading, people have heard what sounds like someone with a small hammer working on a shoe coming from the cave. Hunters who have sent their dogs into the caves to flush out animals have watched in disbelief as their trusty canines have come out whimpering with their tales tucked in between their legs.

In addition to strange lights that have been spotted floating in and out of the cave as well as along the tree line, multiple people have seen the spirit of a headless man quietly walking through the woods. The old cobbler doesn’t speak or acknowledge anyone. He walks straight ahead as if he has learned to mind his own business and stays to himself.

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