Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Truett House

Just off the square in Franklin, Tennessee you will find the home of the bootlegging king John H Truett. During prohibition Truett oversaw numerous stills in Maury and Williamson County that made him a very wealthy man. Eventually the law caught up to him and Constable Sam Locke led a successful raid on the house turning up a lot of damning evidence.

After paying a substantial fine, Truett was released from jail. Two weeks later Constable Locke was shot dead in front of his house by a hit man hired by the bootlegger. Truett was charged but not convicted of the murder. He would later go to prison on other charges before returning home to Franklin.

Today the Truett house is a popular wine bar on Main Street. Staff members often hear strange noises at night and ceiling tiles have been known to move for no reason.
A few years ago a medium went into the establishment and communicated with a spirit in the old home. The entity was said to be confused and felt uneasy by all the alcohol since it wasn鈥檛 common or acceptable during their time.

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