Introducing Southern Ghost Stories: Louisville

Is Louisville the most haunted city in Kentucky? That鈥檚 what American Hauntstorian, Allen Sircy is trying to find out with his latest book, Southern Ghost Stories: Louisville. After publishing seven books about other hauntings around the country, the Tennessee-based author spent the last three years researching the history and alleged hauntings in Louisville for his latest project.

鈥淟ouisville is an iconic American city,鈥 said Sircy. 鈥淏ut it鈥檚 also a small corner of the universe where a lot of awful and tragic things took place. From an old tuberculosis hospital to a cemetery where bodies were buried on top of each other for over a hundred years, there are so many ingredients for great ghost stories! And that鈥檚 not even mentioning the people who tried to revive bodies at St. John鈥檚 Cemetery or the crazy seances that were held all over Louisville in the 1800s.鈥

Initially, Sircy didn鈥檛 set out to write a book about Louisville. However, after stumbling across an old newspaper clipping about a man that was hanged in the old Jefferson County jail, Sircy began to do a little research. Before he knew it, he found himself knee deep in one of Louisville鈥檚 wildest true crime stories that took a hard left turn into the paranormal.

鈥淢y favorite part of the book delves into the story of Charles Dilger, a man who murdered two Louisville police officers in 1888,鈥 explained Sircy. The story has a lot of twists and turns, but after he was finally hanged, inmates and deputies started seeing Charles inside the jail!鈥

To give back to the community for helping him with the project, Allen Sircy will donate books as well as a portion of proceeds to the Save Waverly Hills campaign.

Southern Ghost Stories: Louisville is available for purchase at select retailers in Louisville. You can find it online at and Southern Ghost

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