The Haunted L&C Tower in Downtown Nashville

On Thursday, February 8, 1996, a recently divorced 20-year-old woman from Kentucky entered the L&C Tower in downtown Nashville and took the elevator to the 30th floor. After walking around the observation deck for a few moments the young lady jumped to her death.

Ever since that tragic day the elevator car that the young lady rode in her final moments randomly goes up to the 30th floor. Someone who works in the building told me that is is almost like it’s looking for the passenger that never came back down. The elevator became such a nuisance that repairmen were even called to see if they could fix it. Each time the elevator car was inspected, everything appeared to be in working order.

But it’s not just the elevator. Those who have worked late at night inside the office building have claimed to see a lady walking through the halls. Anytime she is approached, the woman disappears into thin air.

If you’d like to learn more about the hauntings in downtown Nashville, please check out my book Southern Ghost Stories: Downtown Nashville.

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