Kentucky Ghost Stories: The Lady in Blue

The opulent Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky is said to be haunted by 鈥淭he Lady in Blue鈥. The mysterious phantom dressed in a blue dress is said to be the spirit of Patricia Wilson, a native Oklahoman who had moved to Louisville for her ex-husband’s job a few years prior..

According to legend, Patricia either fell down or was thrown down a linen elevator shaft by a boyfriend of ex-husband depending on which version of the story you believe. Either way, the young lady who was wearing an orchid dress and white heels was found at the bottom of the elevator shaft with a fractured skull and two broken legs.

Since her death in 1936, The Lady in Blue has been spotted by hotel staff members in various parts of the hotel as well as the elevator. In addition to the sightings, associated and guests occasionally smell lavender perfume in various parts of the building when no one is around.

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