Scared To Death In Ashland, Kentucky

In late September 1907 in Ashland, Kentucky, after reading a story about a ghost in the local newspaper, Clara Osgood boldly declared that she wasn鈥檛 scared of ghosts. After her sister pressed her on the issue, Clara took things one step further and stated that she wasn鈥檛 fearful of anything, and it was impossible to frighten her. The young girl was so adamant of her bravery that Clara bet her sister her brand-new silk petticoat that she wasn鈥檛 able to scare her.

Annie was a little older and she wanted to prove a point to her little sister. She let a few weeks go by until the night of October 16th when she hatched her plan. After Clara had gone to sleep, Annie wrapped herself in a sheet and quietly walked upstairs into her sister鈥檚 bedroom. When she got just a few feet away, Annie started moaning and moving her arms back and forth as she tried to wake her sleeping sister.
After a few seconds, the sleepy young girl rose from underneath the covers and let out a blood-curdling scream. Clara jumped out of bed, ran right past her sister, and jumped out of a second story window.

When her father heard the glass break, he ran into Clara鈥檚 room to find a concerned Annie screaming looking down at her sister lying motionless on the ground below. Mr. Osgood quickly ran down the stairs and out the front door to his little girl鈥檚 side. As he checked for a pulse Clara鈥檚 father began sobbing uncontrollably. She had broken her neck in the fall and had died instantly.

The story was headline news all over the country. Annie was so distraught that it was believed that she would take her own life. It鈥檚 not known if Annie got through the ordeal. There are no news reports on her death.

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