Film Phantom in the Blossom Room

In 1929 the first ever Academy Awards were held at the Roosevelt Hotel鈥檚 Blossom Room in Hollywood, California. That night Wings won the award for best picture and Emil Jannings and Janey Gaynor took home the Oscar for Best Actor and Actresses.

However, during the awards ceremony, someone was slighted and didn鈥檛 receive an award that they believed that they had won. Over the years people who have worked in the opulent hotel claim that the Blossom Ballroom was haunted by the spirit of someone who was present for the awards show in 1929. Sadly, they didn鈥檛 win and came back to the banquet hall to brood for eternity. For many years people have claimed to see shadows darting around the banquet area but the most consistent paranormal event was a cold spot that was always felt by people who worked in the hotel.

In 1993 the hotel re-enacted the Academy Awards and set up a table for the sullen spirit that came away empty handed sixty-four years earlier. In addition to a glass of champagne, the ghost received a trophy for all their hard work in the early years of the film industry.

Surprisingly, the cold spot disappeared, and the supernatural activity ceased in the Blossom Ballroom, for a while. Several days later hotel staff began to get the chills in the banquet hall again and it was believed that the phantom had returned.

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