Florida Ghost Stories: The Angry Inmate

Without a doubt, one of the strangest things that ever happened to me took place in the old St John鈥檚 County Jail in St Augustine, Florida.

Two years ago I purchased a ticket to take a tour of the old correctional facility. After I bought the ticket I realized that I had been charged for two. I spoke to someone who worked there and asked for a refund. However, since I was on the last tour, the person who could help me had already for left for the day. They gave me a number to call so I wrote it down in the notepad in my iPhone, then rushed off to meet the guide who was waiting on me.

I enjoyed walking around the old jail and listening to stories about the violent inmates and some of the shenanigans they got into.

When I pulled out my iPhone to take some pictures I realized the notepad was still pulled up. Strangely, the number I had written down was gone, and in its place was a bunch of jibberish and badly misspelled curse words telling me to get out!

I talked to an employee and asked him if he had ever seen anything like it. He told me while people have been pushed and scratched during his time there, he鈥檚 never seen anything like what happened to me.

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