Georgia Ghost Stories: The Marshall House

The Marshall House is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in not just Savannah, Georgia, but the entire country. The old boarding house was the scene of multiple murders and was used as a hospital during The War Between the States.

The fourth floor is believed to be the most haunted part of the Marshall House. According to legend, the fourth floor is where the Union soldiers were taken when there was nothing else that could be done for them and their injuries.

According to those who have stayed there, Room 414 is the most haunted room in the hotel. Guests have spotted a shadow person move around the room. One particular guest felt someone touch her while laying in bed. As if touching wasn鈥檛 bad enough, it then slowly began to pull back the covers while she tried to go to sleep.

Others that have stayed in 414 claim to hear strange, unexplainable noises at night. Some guests have claimed to hear children laughing.

The bathroom is also a hotbed of paranormal activity as guests have heard strange noises coming from there at night. One guest even claimed an invisible specter locked him in the restroom during his stay.

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