Slaves, Specters and Secret Tunnels in Savannah, Georgia

Located in Savannah, Georgia, just behind River Street on a bluff is Factor’s Walk. Factor’s Walk has a series of pathways made of concrete and iron bridges that connect the bluff to the top floors of the buildings that were used by cotton brokers over two hundred years ago. Since Cotton was the main export in Savannah at the time, Factor’s Walk was the home of many cotton factors and warehouses that were used to ship the product all over the world.

As cotton was going out of Savannah slaves were coming in through Factor’s Walk. As the slaves came off the ships they were sent into the warehouses or one of the five vaults that were built into Factor’s Walk’s retaining wall. The vaults were used as holding pens until they could be led through some of the hidden tunnels that led to businesses on Bay Street where they were put to work. The tunnels were sealed off years ago. However, one tunnel still exists. Underneath B. Matthews Eatery on East Bay Street there is a tunnel that runs to their cellar. Unfortunately it’s not available for tours.

Locals today believe that the ghosts of at least one of those slaves has stuck around. People have claimed to see black masses and shadow figures along Factor’s Walk and in the vaults. A very angry spirit has been known to attack visitors that are brave enough to go into the vaults at night. Several people have been pushed down and found scratches on their body after walking around inside them.

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