Tennessee Ghost Stories: Mountain City Myths

After the Civil War, a doctor and his wife moved into an old abandoned stone house on Woods Hill in Mountain City, Tennessee. Shortly after getting settled in, the couple began hearing three knocks on the front door late at night followed by a cold breeze and the sound of footsteps walking through the house. Strangely, the footsteps always stopped in front of the fireplace in the living room.

After this happened a few times, the doctor鈥檚 wife spread flour all over the floor to track whoever was playing joke on them. That night as she laid in bed, she heard the three knocks and the sound of shuffling feet. But this time she went to sleep confident that she would be able to catch the prankster in the morning. However, the next morning all she found was flour scattered on the floor without a single footprint in the house!

A few days later the doctor went into town and convinced a handful of men to come to his house to help him catch the intruder. That night the men sat next to the fireplace and waited for the knocks on the door. Sure enough, a short time later they heard the sounds. Yet, before they could draw their guns, something came over them and they felt like they were suffocating and were being held in place by something they couldn鈥檛 see. When the footsteps reached the fireplace, the men felt something release them and they took off running out of the house.

Seeing what had transpired, the educated doctor had a theory on how to get rid of his problem. One night after the three raps at the door ,the shuffling of feet was heard walking through the house. But this time, the doctor grabbed his shotgun and began firing into the fireplace. Instead of the footsteps stopping at the fireplace, this time they walked back through the front door. The knocking stopped and the phantom footsteps were never heard again.

Years later when the house was torn down, a skeleton was found underneath the hearth. Right next to it was a small fortune in Confederate money.

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