Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail Lady in White

In the early 20th century a young man named Foster stopped to water his horse along the Roaring Fork stream near what is now Gatlinburg. As he was about to ride home that cold winter’s evening, Foster noticed a young lady in a white dress walking nearby. The gentleman rode over to her and noticed that the mysterious woman seemed cold and wasn’t wearing shoes.

The young lady introduced herself as Lucy and asked him for a ride home. Eager to help the attractive stranger, Foster helped Lucy onto his horse and took her to her parent’s house nearby.

Foster was smitten with Lucy and hoped to start a courtship with his new acquaintance. A few days later he rode back over to visit with Lucy. However, when he knocked on the door he was greeted by her mother. Lucy wasn’t there. In fact, she hadn’t been there for quite some time. Lucy had perished in a fire several years earlier.
Since then a barefoot woman in a white dress has occasionally been spotted wandering through the woods near the scenic Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.

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