Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Mysterious Headstone of Tennessee Iss

Hidden away behind the Gallatin Square is an old home that was built in 1865. Today the structure is used as an apartment building. While people who live in the building claim to hear unexplainable strange noises from time to time, that’s not even the oddest thing about the house.

Around back, underneath a staircase is a tombstone that time seems to have forgotten. The grave marker belongs to a lady named Tennessee Iss who died at the age of 23 from cholera. She was buried in the Gallatin City Cemetery in 1873. Ironically, she died on the same day she was born, June 13th.

At some point in time, the grave marker was discarded when a larger marker for the Iss family was erected in the cemetery. The old marker somehow made its way to Franklin Street where it鈥檚 been spooking residents ever since.

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