Tennessee Ghost Stories: Cannon Cemetery

Hidden away in the woods between the Smyrna airport and Percy Priest Lake in Smyrna, Tennessee is the Cannon Cemetery. The long-forgotten burying ground was established in the early 19th century but no one has been interned there for over 70 years. In the 1960s, when the J. Percy Priest damn was built, 88 graves were dug up and moved by the Corps of Engineers.

The old cemetery is said to be home of “The Lady in White”. A woman in a long flowing dress has been spotted walking through the woods every so often.

The most notorious story about the Lady in White pertains to a young man who was courting a girl who lived nearby in the early 20th century. As he was riding down a path to see the young lady, the Lady in White suddenly appeared next to him in his buggy. Too scared to say anything, the gentleman caller sat there in silence for a short distance before the otherworldy woman disappeared.

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