Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Baker-Peters House

At the intersection of Kingston Pike and South Peters Road in Knoxville, Tennessee you will find the historic Baker-Peter鈥檚 House. Built in 1830, the structure was home to a physician named Dr Harvey Baker. Dr. Baker sided with the Confederacy during the War Between the States and was rumored to have operated on injured soldiers. When the Federal Army rolled into Knoxville, Dr Baker found himself in their crosshairs and was killed in his house during a raid.

Two years later when the war was over, Confederate veteran Abner Baker returned to Knoxville to find his father鈥檚 killer. He didn鈥檛 have to look far. According to legend the Yankee who led the raid and killed Dr. Baker was now working in downtown Knoxville as the Postmaster.

After a brief confrontation, Abner pulled out a gun and shot the former Federal soldier in the head and killed him instantly. Although he had avenged his father, Abner was arrested and charged with murder. While awaiting sentencing a group of former Union soldiers rushed into the jail and took possession of the former Rebel. Abner Baker was lynched and hanged by a tree in downtown Knoxville.

The spirit of Dr. Baker and/or his son Abner is said to be still residing in the old home which is now home to an upscale Irish restaurant. Employees in the establishment tell stories of walking through random cold spots and hearing barely audible whispers in various parts of the building.

Pots and pans in the kitchen have been known to move around and glasses sometimes fall off counters when no one is even around them.

Lights have not only been known to turn themselves off and on, but on occasion some light fixtures have been seen violently swinging back and forth.

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