Tennessee Ghost Stories: Sadie Baker

In the mid-19th century a mysterious mute woman appeared in the small village of Manchester, Tennessee. The ragged, starving woman walked up and down the streets looking for coins to buy food.

Having compassion on the poor girl, a prominent family took her to their home and cared for her. After a few days of proper meals, daily baths and a change of clothes the woman in tattered clothing was now a respectable looking young lady with astonishing good looks. And this is where it takes a turn…

The eldest daughter named Olivia had been courting a young man from a wealthy family. However, after her gentleman caller saw the mysterious young woman the family had taken in, he became smitten and broke things off with Olivia.

When Olivia鈥檚 mother saw how heartbroken her daughter was, she met with a preacher and convinced him that the mute woman was a witch. A short time later several people from the congregation along with the family dragged the alleged witch out of their home and took her against her will to Concord Cemetery.

The girl was thrown into a hastily dug grave and the church members proceeded to bury her alive. With freshly dug dirt being thrown on top of her, the mysterious woman glared at Olivia and said, 鈥淚 am Sadie Baker鈥. After burying her alive, a large stone was placed on the grave to keep the witch from possibly escaping.

Life went on in Manchester after the incident. Days turned into months and months turned into years. Eventually Olivia made up with her former beau and eventually the two got married. However, Olivia eventually started seeing Sadie in the mirror as well as around her house. Gradually Olivia went mad and had to be committed.

Today you can still visit Sadie Baker鈥檚 grave in Concord Cemetery in Tullahoma where you will find a modest headstone as well as a large rock that sits upon her final resting place. According to locals if you place a coin on her grave and say 鈥淚 am Sadie Baker鈥 three times, Sadie will appear.

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