Tennessee Ghost Stories: Maryland Manor

During World War 2 James Truman Ward bought 400 acres off of Old Hickory Boulevard in Brentwood, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. He built a lavish mansion and named his property Maryland Farms, after his wife Mary. Over time Truman turned the property into one of the largest Saddle horse breeding farms in the country.

The Wards lived happily in Maryland Manor with their son Jimmy until Mary died in 1974. Four years later, Truman died in the home after a long illness. A few years after his death, his large horse farm gave way to a sea of office buildings which popped up all over the property.

In 2000 the historic home was almost torn down. Fortunately a local group renovated the Truman and Mary鈥檚 home and turned it into a restaurant. Today Mere Bulles at Maryland Farms is one of the premier dining destinations in Brentwood.

The Maryland Manor is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young lady who wanders the home in a white dress. According to employees who attended a paranormal investigation in the old house the ghost has a name. When investigators asked the entity what its name was, it responded 鈥淢artha鈥, not once, but on two separate occasions.

The spirit of Truman Ward is also believed to be residing in his old house. He has been also been spotted in the building by customers as well as staff members.

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