Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Addison Buchanan House

In the 19th century Addison Buchanan built a modest log cabin not too far from his parents in Donelson. When the airport expanded in the mid-1990s Addison鈥檚 old home was relocated to the grounds of the Buchanan Log House on Elm Hill Pike.

The house is said to be haunted by Addison as well as his first wife Sarah, who died in the home during childbirth.

Sarah is very particular and expects anyone who enters her house to be respectful and mind their manners. After a groundskeeper walked into the cabin one day he was greeted by the sound of an angry woman telling him to, 鈥淕et Out!鈥

Since the incident the groundskeeper made sure to announce himself and knock on the door before entering. On on occasion he even brought her a bouquet of sunflowers and asked if he could come in. To his surprise he was greeted with a cheerful woman鈥檚 voice saying, 鈥淥k!鈥

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