Tennessee Ghost Stories: The White Bluff Screamer

In Dickson County, Tennessee there is something menacing that has been known to terrorize animals and occasionally humans. The locals call it, 鈥淭he White Bluff Screamer鈥.

The origins of the Screamer are unknown, yet it鈥檚 been speculated that it is primitive creature that escaped from the circus in the early 20th century and found refuge in nearby Montgomery Bell State Park.

Another theory is that the Screamer isn鈥檛 a creature at all. Some say it is a vivacious young woman that was notorious for whistling as she walked around town. Unfortunately the lady was seriously injured when she was struck by a car early one morning. Sadly, the mangled and bloody woman laid by the side of the road for hours as the people she considered to be friends and neighbors drove by. Later that night, the woman finally succumbed to her injuries. After passing away, the spirit of the young lady returned to torment those in the area that refused to help her.

According to those in the area, a hazy fog will settle in and a figure in white will slowly materialize. Then, the Screamer lets out a loud, blood curdling shriek that can be heard from a mile away. Typically a mutilated dog, coyote or calf will be found nearby.

Some chalk the strange activity up to a bobcat or coyote, but there are others that swear the White Bluff Screamer is real and still roams around the area.

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