Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Little Boy Upstairs

Built in 1807, the Buchanan Log House is the oldest structure in Donelson, Tennessee, which is on the outskirts of Nashville. It鈥檚 also one of the most haunted too!

While it鈥檚 said that the old house is haunted by several spirits, one of the most active is a young boy named Matthew who is likely the grandson of James Buchanan, who built the house. It’s said that the boy is very active and likes to play in an upstairs bedroom. People who work in the house have been known to find things in odd places in the room from time to time.

When I visited the Buchanan Log House last year the director told me that the boy plays with some of the toys in the room. After I told her I had just seen a toy car on top of the bed she just grinned and said, 鈥淥h, it was on the floor under the bed the other day.鈥

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