Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Man in the Fedora

In March 2021 I stopped by Rose Mont in Gallatin, Tennessee to visit with the director. After walking around the property I realized that he was either not there, or perhaps working in the reception hall behind the house.

As I walked around the patio to the backside of the property, I glanced at the reception hall and noticed a man in a fedora in a window. He was turned sideways and looking down.

After doing a startled double take, I looked back to the same spot and no one was there. I walked up to the window and looked around. All the lights were off and the building was completely empty.

I talked to the director about my experience and he told me that I wasn鈥檛 the first person to see a man wearing a fedora in the reception hall. According to him it was Squire Guild, who was a member of the Guild family who spent a lot of time in the building when it was a garage in mid-20th century.

This wasn鈥檛 my first paranormal experience at Rose Mont. Two years ago I captured an EVP of a woman on the front porch.

If you’d like to learn more about Rose Mont or other haunted places in Gallatin, check out our book Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin.

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