Tennessee Ghost Stories: Wheatlands

Built in 1825, the three story Federal-style home known as Wheatlands in Sevierville, Tennessee is said to be one of the most haunted places in the Volunteer State.

Death is synonymous with Wheatlands as four young girls died in a deadly blaze in the 1790s that burned the original structure to the ground. Two Confederate soldiers also died on the property during the Civil War when they tried to ambush Union soldiers who were occupying the home.

Oh yeah, the property was also the site of a Revolutionary War battle and Indian and Slave cemeteries are also on the grounds.

While disembodied footsteps are quite common in the house, the strange voices of men arguing and shouting can sometimes be heard.

The most common sighting on the old plantation are playful children dressed in clothing from another era. Little girls are often seen running around in the house as well as on the grounds. Whenever anyone calls out or approaches them they slowly disappear.

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