Tennessee Ghost Stories: Walking in Memphis

In Marc Cohn鈥檚 hit song 鈥淲alking in Memphis鈥 the singer claimed to see 鈥渢he ghost of Elvis鈥. While that鈥檚 not necessarily true, the singer-songwriter鈥檚 friend who 鈥減lays piano every Friday at the Hollywood鈥 is supposedly still playing in the Hollywood Cafe in Tunica, Mississippi. Did I forget to mention that she died in 1990?

Cohn鈥檚 inspiration for the song, Muriel Wilkins was a retired teacher who played piano and sang gospel and blues at the Hollywood Cafe for several years. Though she passed away thirty years ago, the spirit of the musician is said to have stayed behind in the establishment.

Radios in the cafe sometimes will turn themselves off and on. On other occasions they will change the channel mid-song to a blues or gospel station. During paranormal investigations Muriel has gone from dormant to extremely active when gospel music is played.

In addition to the issues with radios, doors have been known to open and close on their own. Muriel is also particular about her old venue has been known to straighten crooked pictures on the wall.

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