Tennessee Ghost Stories: Del Webb in Mt. Juliet

For many years Mount Juliet, Tennessee was known best as a farming community that was a short drive from downtown Nashville. Today the area has been developed and one of the nicest places to live in Middle Tennessee. One of the most popular neighborhoods in Mt. Juliet is Del Webb. However, a hundred years ago gated community was actually a large farm that belonged to the Baird family.

Several years ago my grandparents bought a house in Del Webb and moved from Brentwood to Mt. Juliet. A short while after they moved in I walked around the community and found an old cemetery tucked away behind some of the houses. I just happened to run into someone who lived across the street from the old Baird/Barton cemetery inside the community. According to them, they hear strange noises in their house at night and sometime see shadows moving around their house. Maybe it has something to do with the creepy cemetery across the street? Or maybe it’s a coincidence

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