Tennessee Ghost Stories: The White Horse of Hawkins County

In a quiet and secluded spot of Hawkins County in East Tennessee, there is a spirit of a white horse that is said to be roaming through the area. According to legend, the horse belonged to a soldier who was killed in a skirmish during The War Between the States. After the fighting stopped, the horse wandered through the woods for weeks before falling off a bluff.

In the 1950s two farmers were walking through Bunches Trace one night when one of them saw an animal approaching in the distance. Not sure of what was walking towards them one of the farmers through a rock to scare it off. However, when the farmer through the rock, it appeared to go right through the animal. As the animal kept walking towards them they realized it was a horse. The two men walked towards it but when they got twenty or yards so away, the horse got spooked and ran towards a bluff and disappeared into thin air.

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