Tennessee Ghost Stories: Williamson County Courthouse

While working on my book Southern Ghost Stories: Franklin, Tennessee I got to walk around the historic Williamson County Courthouse in downtown Franklin with a Sheriff’s deputy.

The deputy told me some pretty crazy tales about the spirits that supposedly haunt the old courthouse, but nothing tops the story about the prisoner who disrupted court a few years ago.

One day as court was taking place, the entire courtroom began hearing shouting and cursing coming from behind the judge’s bench. In that particular part of the courthouse, a holding cell was located directly behind where the judge sat as he presided over courth.

A deputy raced to the back and told prisoner he had to be quiet because court was in order. The inmate replied that there was an old man outside of his cell staring at him. And not only was he staring at him; he was blowing cigar smoke in his face! The deputy looked around the room but only saw the frightened inmate.
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