Tennessee Ghost Stories: Oak Flats Cemetery

Tucked away just behind a cluster of restaurants and shops on the strip in Gatlinburg is one of the oldest burying grounds in East Tennessee. Established in 1830, the White Oak Flats Cemetery is the final resting place for some of the earliest settlers in the area.

According to legend, the cemetery is haunted by a mysterious Lady in Black. The Dark Lady has been seen on occasion wandering through the old burial site by unsuspecting visitors. The Lady in Black has also been known to be very protective of the cemetery and has supposedly scratched disrespectful tourists who find their way back into the historic burying ground. The identity of the mystical woman is unknown but its said she could be the spirit of one of the people buried there that鈥檚 unhappy with all the development around her family鈥檚 gravesite. There are also tales of a Mountain Witch that roams the area. Maybe it鈥檚 her?

In addition to the Lady in Black, orbs are quite common in White Oak Flats Cemetery. Numerous amateur ghost hunters have captured strange balls of light in photographs taken in the cemetery in both day and night!

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