Tennessee Ghost Stories: Opry Mills

Before Two Rivers Mansion heiress Mary Louise Bransford McGavock passed away in 1965, she made it clear that she wanted portions of her vast estate to be sets aside for schools, parks and other things that benefited the community. However, within a few years her land wound up becoming home to the Opryland theme park, hotels, bars, restaurants and other businesses.

Today a lady in a black dress is said to be roaming around Opry Mills, which was built on the site of the old theme park. People who work in the mall have claimed to see the mysterious woman in various parts of the building. It鈥檚 believed that this is Mrs McGavock, and the reason she is wandering around the mall is because she鈥檚 angry at all of the development.

Employees who work in various stores all share similar stories of finding merchandise scattered in the floor when they come in in the mornings. One young lady who worked at a novelty shop told me that one day as she was turning around, a toy suddenly jumped three feet off of a shelf in front of her.

Security cameras and other electronics like radios have been known to not work properly in the mall. Ironically enough, the cameras usually stop recording late at night in the same stores right where items are found in the floor the next morning.

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