Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Buchanan Log House

After his parents became some of the first settlers in what would eventually become Davidson County, James Buchanan grew up and became a surveyor and a ferry operator in middle Tennessee. In 1807 he built a simple two story log cabin near the Mud Tavern settlement and married Lucinda East three years later.

James and Lucinda had 16 children, all of which are said to have been born in the log cabin. Despite outbreaks of small pox and cholera that contributed to high infant mortality rate, all of the Buchanan kids survived childhood.

Lucinda passed away in 1875 but it鈥檚 believed her spirit still resides in the family home. According to the caretaker of the historic house, Lucinda likes to hang out upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Some have even claimed to have seen her looking out of the window on occasion.

During paranormal investigations done on the property, Lucinda is said to be quite activity and somewhat intrigued by the instruments ghost hunters bring into her home. The Buchanan matriarch has been known to interact with investigators but doesn鈥檛 like to anyone in the house past midnight.

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