Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Bell Witch vs. Andrew Jackson

After vanquishing the British from New Orleans in the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson returned home to middle Tennessee seeking a new challenge. During this time word quickly spread about the stories of the Bell Witch in Adams, Tennessee. “Old Hickory” wasn’t afraid and decided to go visit his old friend and see if the witch was real.

Jackson and some friends traveled overnight by carriage through Springfield, then onto Adams to find out if the legend was true. However, as they got within a hundred yards of the cave, his horse and carriage came to an abrupt stop. The future President climbed out of the carriage to see what the problem was. The wheels were in good condition and the horse appeared to be trying to pull the carriage forward. Yet, something was holding them in place.

As Jackson talked with his companions they heard a woman’s voice say, “You can go now, General”, and suddenly the horses began pulling the carriage once again. Scared and confused, Jackson and the men cut their trip short.

While they still did stop by to visit with John Bell, Jackson and his friends only stayed for a short while in order to get back to Springfield before it was dark. As soon as the sun came up the next day, they quickly headed back to the Hermitage.

If you are keeping score at home,
Bell Witch 1
Andrew Jackson 0

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