Tennessee Ghost Stories: The City Cafe

The City Cafe in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is said to be haunted by several spirits, one of which is a child who died after chasing a ball down the stairs and into the street many years ago.

One day the owner was setting up for a birthday when she watched a balloon detach itself from a table and begin floating around downstairs. The balloon made a sudden u-turn and glided up the stairs, did a 90 degree right turn followed by another slight turn, then came to a stop in the middle of another dining area.

During investigations in that part of the building I have captured EVPs as well as seen a sudden spikes with an EMF meter. The spirit has also been known to communicate by other means such as flashlights, cat balls, dowsing rods, etc…

If you’d like to learn more about the hauntings in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, please check out our book Southern Ghost Stories: Murfreesboro, Spirits of Stones River.

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