Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Wildhorse Saloon

Considered to be one of the most famous honky tonks in downtown Nashville, the Wildhorse Saloon on Second Avenue is also incredibly haunted.

The old warehouse was built in the 1870s after a fire destroyed a previous structure on the property that was used to house tobacco, corn and other goods that were moved along the Cumberland River.

That particular part of Nashville has all the ingredients to be extremely haunted. According to legend, before the Civil War, slaves were kept chained up in the warehouses along the river. When fires broke out, which was quite common at the time, those trapped inside always died.

If slavery and fire isn鈥檛 bad enough, Native Americans also attacked settlements along the river in the general vicinity of the Wildhorse in the 1780s.

Like many of the old buildings on Second Avenue, the Wildhorse is said to be haunted by several spirits. Employees have seen shadow people darting around the building and up and down the stairs at night. TVs and lights have also been known to turn themselves off and on after the honky tonk shuts down. Staff members I have talked to mention that they have on occasion abruptly left the building soon after experiencing something strange.

To learn more about the Wildhorse Saloon and other hauntings on Second Avenue please check out our book Southern Ghost Stories: Downtown Nashville.

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