Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Cleaners on the Square

The dry cleaners on the South side of the Murfreesboro Square is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in town.

From shadows moving around the building, to something playing with an associate鈥檚 hair, something is quite active in the cleaners. Employees have also heard voices as well as their name being called in the evening, after business hours.

During a paranormal investigation a few years ago, the spirit identified himself as 鈥淪am鈥 and hinted that he had died in the courthouse. Ironically enough, in 1863 Nathan Bedford Forrest led a raid on the square which resulted in a shootout in the courthouse. The cleaners is also roughly 25 yards from the location where Confederate soldiers were hung from a tree in the courtyard.

If you’d like to learn more about the hauntings in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, please check out our book Southern Ghost Stories: Murfreesboro, Spirits of Stones River.

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