Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Old Jamestown Schoolhouse

Tucked away in Fentress County in northeast Tennessee, you will find the sleepy little town of Jamestown, Tennessee. Like other small towns around the Volunteer State, Jamestown is said to be home to a dark secret that still haunts an old schoolhouse.
In the early 20th century a student at Pine Haven finished his classes and decided to use the restroom before walking home. As he was wrapping up and washing his hands, an older boy who was considered to be the school bully snuck up behind him and playfully shoved him into the mirror. Unfortunately for the younger boy, he banged his head on the glass then lost his balance on the slippery floor before crashing headfirst into the sink.

As the child lay lifeless on the floor with blood pouring out of his head, the bully panicked and used his pocket knife to pull up boards in the floor. He then quickly rolled the body into the ground and reattached the flooring.

This is where it gets interesting. It鈥檚 been said the child was dead as soon as he hit the floor. But, some say the boy died from exposure after being trapped under the building all night.

It鈥檚 also disputed when or if the young boy鈥檚 remains were discovered. It鈥檚 said that his remains were discovered a few days later after the teacher began to notice the smell of decaying flesh from down the hall. Others say his body is still down there. The only thing that is known for sure is that the little boy is said to still haunt the old abandoned schoolhouse. According to local lore, if you go into the bathroom and look in the mirror, you will see the spirit of the boy standing behind you.

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