Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Hope Hill Cemetery Dollhouse

What鈥檚 creepier than an old cemetery out in the middle of nowhere? A creepy old cemetery out in the middle of nowhere with a children鈥檚 playhouse in the middle of it!

In 1931 at the height of the Great Depression, the Harveys, a poor family from Alabama, began making their way north to find work. Unfortunately as the family traveled through Gibson County, the five year old daughter Dorothy Marie Harvey contracted the measles and died. Heartbroken, the family had to bury her in an unmarked grave in Hope Hill Cemetery just outside of Medina, Tennessee. After hearing about the young girl, local businessmen came to the aid of the family and placed a headstone to mark Dorothy鈥檚 final resting place. But the townspeople felt an obligation to do more and also built a small playhouse around the grave marker for the child.

Sadly, a few years later, vandals broke into the cemetery and destroyed the playhouse. Once again the community rallied around the little girl and built her a new one.
Today the playhouse still stands in the cemetery. And according to locals, once the sun starts to set, the spirit of a little girl has been seen playing in the small house. Locals who often visit the cemetery have wandered over to the playhouse only to see a little girl in a white dress staring back at them through a window.

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