Tennessee Ghost Stories: The Nashville Arcade

The Arcade in downtown Nashville is said to be haunted by a former maintenance man known to locals as 鈥淎rcade Roy鈥. Roy worked in the Arcade for the most of his adult life and even had an apartment in the dark and musty basement below the 100+ year old shopping center.

As he got older and into his 80s, Roy worked around the Arcade and was often seen smoking cigars and chatting with shoppers. After he passed away on October 31, 1993, people who worked in the Arcade began to wonder if Roy really left the shopping center. Today those who work at the Arcade claim you can often smell a cigar upstairs on the second floor by the 4th Avenue entrance.

To learn more about Roy or the hauntings in the Nashville Arcade please check out our book Southern Ghost Stories: Downtown Nashville.

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